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Public outreach

Plasma workshop at Bo.Ing 2020

The SFB-TR 87 and CRC 1316 joined the workshop program of the Bo.Ing 2020. At the Bochum engineering forum "BO.Ing", pupils are given an insight into the engineering sciences in workshops, laboratory tours and discussion groups. The event is organised by the zdi network IST.Bochum.NRW and is implemented in cooperation with universities from Bochum and the surrounding area.

With plasma workshop, sixteen pupils in two different workshop learned the basic ideas about plasma and its applcation. In hands-on activities, the girls and boys were able to perform their own experiments.

Public Outreach

Cosmology explained in a television program

Prof. Hildebrandt was guest in a television program and explained cosmology. Moreover, he pointed out the importance of basic research. The full episode of the television program "Planet Wissen" can be found here.

Public relations

Teenagers enjoy plasma physics 

During the Easter holidays the Schülerprojektwoche for 14 and 15 year old pupils took place at the Ruhr-University Bochum. The Schülerprojektwoche is an established part of public relations for pupils and is, belong others, financed by both SFBs. 

For one week 60 girls and boys did experiments in four different workshops, namely “astronomy”, “plasma physics”, “energy efficient house building” and “physics in medicine”. 

In the plasma project, which was supervised by PhD and Master students of both SFBs, the pupils deposited thin gold layers on glass substrate using a plasma coater. Additionally, they characterized different samples regarding thickness, optical transmission and conductivity in dependence of the plasma deposition time.

Besides the workshops, the girls and boys experienced university life. They attended a lecture, visited “real” physics laboratories and watched a show at the planetarium in Bochum.  At the end of the 4 days, they created posters and presented their results of the workshops to the other pupils during a poster session. 

The Schülerprojektwoche was successfully finished with a quiz duel about the learned physics between the four workshop groups. Here, the plasma physics group won and was awarded with a cup. 


WissensNacht Ruhr

At 29th September 2018, the event WissensNacht Ruhr, which is located at seven different locations within the Ruhr Area takes place. We are going to present plasmas in the Blue Sqaure in Bochum. Everybody is welcome to join our exhibition.

Public outreach

29.08.2018 - Blue Square of Ruhr-Universität celebrates a jubilee

On Septmeber 15th, 2018, the Blue Square in Bochum celebrates a jubilee. At 11:30 the opening of the event starts with an official presentation of the heads of the Ruhr-Universität Bochum. Afterwards, scientific experiments for children and adults are presented on the different levels of the Blue Square. Furthermore, oral presentations are shown. Especially, Prof. Achim von Keudell holds a preseantion about Plasmas supporting energy storage. This presenation starts at 14:30 on level 3 of the Blue Square.

A short description of the presentation is: Plasmas may play a central role for the energy revolution. The vision of scientists is to build a small plasma system, which can be developed at the foot of a wind turbine producing solar energy, so-called solar fuels. Find out how exactly the could look like.

More information about the celebrating day can be found on the webpage of the Blue Square.

Am 15. September 2018 feiert der Blue Square in Bochum ein Jubiläum. Um 11:30 Uhr beginnt die Eröffnung der Veranstaltung mit einer offiziellen Präsentation der Leiter der Ruhr-Universität Bochum. Anschließend werden auf den verschiedenen Ebenen des Blue Sqaure wissenschaftliche Experimente für Kinder und Erwachsene vorgestellt. Darüber hinaus werden mündliche Vorträge gezeigt. Insbesondere hält Prof. Achim von Keudell eine Vorlesung über Plasmen zur Unterstützung der Energiespeicherung. Diese Präsentation beginnt um 14:30 Uhr auf Ebene 3 des Blue Squares. 

Eine Kurzbeschreibung des Vortrags lautet: Plasmen können für die Energiewende eine wichtige Rolle spielen. Die Vision von Wissenschaftlern ist es, eine kleine Plasmaanlage zu entwickeln, die am Fuße eines Windrades aus Sonnenenergie sogenannte solare Kraftstoffe erzeugt. Erfahren Sie, wie genau das aussehen könnte.

Weitere Informationen über die Feier im Blue Square können auf der Homepage des Blue Square gefunden werden.