Plasma Physics

28.02.2014 - International Symposium on Non-equilibrium Plasma and Complex-System Sciences (IS-NPCS)

To expand the horizon of plasma science in terms of its fundamentals and applications
Dates: February 26 (Wed) - 28 (Fri), 2014
Location: Icho Kaikan, Suita Campus, Osaka University
Organization Osaka: Prof. Satoshi Hamaguchi
Organization RUB: Prof. Uwe Czarnetzki


To expand the horizon of plasma science in terms of its fundamentals and applications
Dates: September 30th (Tue) - October 2nd (Thu), 2014
Location: NB 7/173, Ruhr-Universität Bochum (building NB, level 7, room 173)
Organization RUB: Prof. Uwe Czarnetzki, Christian Schregel & Steffen Meier, Verena M. Scharf
Organization Osaka: Prof. Satoshi Hamaguchi

Program 2nd IS-NPCS at RUB   (112.8 kB)

Structure of the Workshop

The structure of the workshop is going to be several pairings of 40 min and 20 min talks. Such design will accommodate talks that might overdraw their allotted time limit and would yet leave sufficient time to discuss some questions in detail. Specifically reserved talk slots are available to PhD students of each department, so as to enable as many RUB doctoral researches as possible to present their work. Afterwards, all talks may be once more presented in a separate poster session, giving a chance for specific inquires. The poster session on Friday will be followed by a round table discussion in order to exchange ideas and discuss further cooperation possibilities.
Each workshop day (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday) is scheduled to be concluded by a tour of laboratories. Such exprience will be very helpful and valuable to experimental science, seeing that practical details are rarely presented in talks. Lab tours are planned to visit all participating departments of RUB (EP5, EP2, TET & AEPT).
Reception dinner will be held at the NB building, where the experimental physics institutes are, on Tuesday evening.
Conference Dinner will be at Q-West on Wednesday.
The PhD students will spend the Thursday evening together at WissensNacht Ruhr where there will be some plasma projects presented by RUB scientists as well and afterward at Bermuda3eck.

Guests from Osaka

- Prof. Satoshi Hamaguchi
- Postdoc Tomoko Ito
- Postdoc Kasumasa Ikuse
- Kohei Mizotani
- Dai Itsuki

Link to Hamaguchi Laboratory

Talks from RUB

- Ralf-Peter Brinkmann
- Uwe Czarnetzki

- Tsanko Tsankov
- Xi-Ming Zhu

PhD students:
- Wolfgang Breilmann
- Steffen Meier
- Katja Rügner
- Simon Schneider
- Christian Schregel
- Daniel Schröder
- Stefan Spiekermeier
- Alexander Wollny

- Beatrix Biskup (finished Master studies in Sept. 2014)
- Philip Ahr (finished Master studies in Sept. 2014)