Scientific workshops


HiPIMS Workshop

Workshop: Experimental and modelling efforts towards better understanding of HiPIMS discharge
June 4th, 2014

2nd International Symposium on Non-equilibrium Plasma and Complex-System Sciences (IS-NPCS)

To expand the horizon of plasma science in terms of its fundamentals and applications
Dates: September 30th (Tue) - October 2nd (Thu), 2014
Location: RUB
Organization RUB: Prof. Uwe Czarnetzki, Christian Schregel & Steffen Meier
Organization Osaka: Prof. Satoshi Hamaguchi



Im Juni 2014 findet der Workshop "Nonlinear Excitations in Quantum Pair Plasmas: Application to Semiconductors" in NB 7/67 statt. Folgende Vorträge werden gehalten:

  • 11.06.2014, 10:00 Uhr: Prof. Waleed Moslem, Port Said University, Egypt, "Surface Nanostructuring by ion-induced plasma expansion"
  • 11.06.2014, 15:00 Uhr: Prof. Bengt Eliasson, University of Glasgow Scotland, UK, "Electron acceleration and ionization fronts induced by high-frequency turbulence in magnetized plasma"
  • 12.06.2014, 10:00 Uhr: Marwa Shaheen, Port Said University, Egypt, "Information and entanglement due to interaction between atoms and elektomagnetic field"
  • 12.06.2015, 15:00 Uhr: Samir Eltantawy Port Said Univesity, Egypt, "Head-on solitons collision in plasmas"
  • 18.06.2014, 15:00 Uhr: Prof. I. Kourakis, Queens University Belfast, Northern Ireland, "Modelling solitary waves and shocks in suprathermal plasmas from first sprinciples: dynamics existence and propagation characteristics"
  • 20.06.2014, 10:00 Uhr: Gina Williams, Queens University Belfast, Nothern Ireland, "A Schamel-type theory for ion acoustic solitary waves in superthermal plasmas"

Lehrstuhl für Weltraum- und Astrophysik


Internationaler Workshops "Wind Bubbles, Astrospheres, Heliosphere: Environments and Cosmic Rays"

The interdisciplinary workshop will give a synoptic overview of the commonality and differences between astrospheres (or stellar wind bubbles) and the heliosphere, as well as the production and leakage of cosmic rays in such 'Spheres'.
Er findet vom 04.11.-08.11.2013 an der RUB mit führenden Wissenschaftler/innen aus 12 Nationen und 3 Kontinenten im Raum Shanghai, IBZ (Beckmann's Hof) statt.

Organisation: PD Dr. Horst Fichtner & Dr. Klaus Scherer


527. Wilhelm und Else Heraeus-Seminar

Plasma and Radiation Environment in Astrospheres and Implications for the Habitability of Extrasolar Planets
10 - 15 March 2013, Physikzentrum Bad Honnef, Germany
Organization: PD Dr. Horst Fichtner & Dr. Klaus Scherer, Group Heliophysics, RUB
For this Heraeus seminar the emphasis is put on five key questions for the following topics:
Astrospheres: What is the spectrum of the cosmic ray flux outside an astrosphere and how is it transported through it?
Stellarspheres: How does the host star influence the exo-planetary environment by its electromagnetic radiation and energetic particle production?
Magnetospheres: What are the possible magnetosphere configurations of an exo-planet and what is its influence on the transport of energetic particles?
Atmospheres: How does the chemistry, the atmospheric dynamics and interaction with energetic particles influence the observability of an exo-planet?
Biospheres: Can possible signatures of life such as atmospheric ozone, methane be observed, and what is their possible contamination by energetic particle and radiation processes in the exo-planetary atmosphere?