Guests Theoretical Physics IV- PD Dr. Fichtner


Active exchange with international scientists continues at TP4

The very steady exchange between scientists from all over the world with the group around PD Dr. Horst Fichtner continues also at the end of 2019. Moreover, already for 2019, a visit for 2019 is planned.

(1) Between 17.11. and 7.12.2018, Prof. Sean Oughton  from the Univeersity of Waikato, Hamilton, New Zealand visits the group. His research Topic is Turbulence Evolution in the Heliosphere.

(2) Dr. Dieter Nickeler with his research topic hydrodynamical flows in circumstellar environments spends two weeks at Bochum (2.12.-15.12.2018). He is from Astronomický ústav, Akademie věd České republiky, Czek Republic.

(3) Finally, the regular exchange with Prof Yuri Litvinenko from Univeersity of Waikato, Hamilton, New Zealand continues: he visits the group of PD Dr. Fichtner between 5.12. and 19.12.2018 as well as between 8.1. and 25.1.2019. With him, the focus in the scientific exchange is about nonlinear diffusion.


08.10.2017 - Prof. Ferreira at PD Dr. Horst Fichtner's group

In the frame of the bilateral German-South African BMBF-NRF foundation Prof. Dr. Stefan Ferreira from North-West-University, Campus Potchefstroom is going to visit the group of PD Dr. Horst Fichtner in Bochum between 19th and 25th November 2017. After 2016, it is the second visit of Prof. Ferreira in Germany within the fruitful collaboration.







08.10.2017 - Prof. Dr. Yuri Litvinenko

Since 2013, Prof. Dr. Yuri Litvinenko from the University of Waikoto, New Zealand, is a continuous guest in Bochum. This year, the VIP grant was successfully extended, so that Prof. Litvinenko will visit the group of PD Dr. Horst Fichtner for three months from 1st Decemeber 2017 until 28th February 2018.







Foto: Copyright University of Waikato

further details VIP: Yuri Litvinenko / Horst Fichtner


13.03.2017 - Dr. Bidzina Shergelashvili

Österreichischen Besuch hatte der Lehrstuhl für theoretische Physik IV, PD Dr. Horst Fichtner. Von der Universität Graz war Dr. Bidzina Shergelashvili in der Zeit vom 13. - 24. März zu Besuch.








16.02.2017 - Dr. Roelf Du Toit und M.Sc. Petrus Johannes Steyn

Einen erneuten Besuch aus Südafrika konnte PD Dr. Horst Fichtner im Rahmen des BMBF-Projekts "Astrophysical Processes in the Heliospheric Environment" begrüßen. In der Zeit vom 16. - 17. Februar 2017 kamen von der North-West University, Campus Potchefstroom, in Südafrika Dr. Roelf Du Toit und M.Sc. Petrus Johannes Steyn.