Prof. Uwe Czarnetzki awarded International Fellow of the Japan Society of Applied Physics

Prof. Uwe Czarnetzki from project A1/A2 of the CRC 1316 was awarded international fellow of the Japan Society of Applied Physics. The award ceremony will be held September 18th, 2019 during the Japan Society of Applied Physics autumn meeting. During the ceremony, the honored fellows are invited to present their scientific contribution. The status of international fellows of the Japan Society of Applied Physics is an honor awarded to scientists who support the progress of the Japan Society of Applied Physics in recognition of their achievements. Congratulations!


16.08.2018 - Masao Horiba Prize for Dr. Tsankov

The Masao Horiba Prize has been awarded annually for 15 years to scientists and technical experts to honor world-leading ideas and innovations in diagnostic methods. The specific topic is selected each year from the areas promoted/represented by the HORIBA Group. The topic of this year's award was "Advanced analytical measurement technologies for the semiconductor manufacturing process". Semiconductor technologies form the foundation of today's society. In order to drive forward the constant development, many companies in the industry need new innovations - not only in the production of materials but also in the control and observation of production processes, e. g. by new diagnostic methods.

A jury of established scientists and representatives of the HORIBA Group selected the prize winners. Among them Dr. Tsanko Vaskov Tsankov from the Chair of Plasma and Atomic Physics, Faculty of Physics and Astronomy was especially distinguished. Dr. Tsankov has developed a plasma diagnostic method that allows the non-invasive determination of plasma parameters. The prize will be awarded at a ceremony in October at Kyoto University. Dr. Tsankov has received an award from the HORIBA Group for his work "Non-invasive plasma characterization using the ion velocity distribution function".


19.03.2018 - IS Plama Prize for Prof. Uwe Czarnetzki

The 10th International Symposium Plasma (ISPlasma) took place between March 4th and March 8th at Meijo University, Nagoya, Japan. A newly invented prize was given "for outstanding achievements in the field of Plasma Science and its Applications as well as great contribution towards the continued success of ISPlasma/IC-PLANTS." This year, the prize was given for the first time to Prof. Uwe Czarnetzki.

The presented picture shows Prof. Mineo Hiramatsu, Meijo University, Chair Organizing Committee, Prof. Uwe Czarnetzki, Ruhr-Universiät Bochum, and Prof. Masaru Hori, Nagoya University.



Awards for TET students at GEC conference

Several members of the faculty for electrical engineering attended this  the 70th Gaseous Electronics Conference in Pittsburgh, USA. Especially for two of them, the conference was very fruitfuil:

Sebastian Wilczek from the chair theoretical engineering was honored for his contribution with the title "Differences between Cartesian and spherical 1d3v particle-in-cell simulations" with the Student Excellence Award and Manaswi Daksha from the same chair won a Poster Award for his contribution "A real-time model for secondary electron emission coefficients in low temperature plasmas".

Congratulations to both of them!




The Rudolf-Seeliger price 2017 of the German society for plasma technology was hand over to Prof. Dr. Jörg Winter during the annual conference PT18 for his scientific contribution in the field of micro plasma physics on February 22nd, 2017.

The laudation was held by Thomas Mussenbrock who honored especially his work in the field of physics of micro plasmas. Prof. Jörg Winter was a pioneer in this field who saw the potential of micro plasmas long before other scientists started to work in this field.