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Plasma Chemistry


The European Training School on "Chemistry initiated by electrical discharges with liquids" took place at Jožef Stefan Institute in Ljubljana, Slovenia, in the period February 2nd-6th, 2014. It was organized with the support of EU COST Action TD1208 "Electrical discharges with liquids for future applications". The school's main goal was to provide lectures on interdisciplinary physics-chemistry topics, which are relevant for the community of mainly plasma physicists dealing with plasmas inside the liquids or in contact with liquids (electrochemistry, photochemistry, ionic liquids with plasmas, chemical probes for plasma-induced radicals). Additionally, the state-of-the-art in the field of plasmas with liquids (interactions, diagnostics, applications) and plasma-initiated water chemistry have been provided. 45 mainly PhD-candidates working in this field in the laboratories involved in this COST Action participated at the school. The participants originated from 15 European countries and from Turkey. The lectures have been accompanied by a poster session, where the participants have presented their current work, by the tour through the laboratories of the Jožef Stefan Institute, and by many discussions with the lecturers. The training school enabled the participants to get overview of state-of-the-art level of knowledge and to establish new connections with other researchers working in this field. Moreover, the presentation slides will be available to all Cost Action members and four talks have been recorded and will be provided to the public as open access video lectures, promoting this topic and this COST Action in general. 

Training School Ljubljana

COST Action event

Training School on Chemistry initiated by electrical discharges with liquids

Dates: February 2nd-6th, 2014 at Jožef Stefan Institute in Ljubljana, Slovenia
Organization: COST Action TD1208
Management committee members Germany: Jan Benedikt / Stefan Reuter

Junior scientist event

1. MERCUR Winterschule über Plasma-Astroteilchenphysik

Physikzentrum, Bad Honnef, 12.01 - 17.01.2014
Veranstalter: Wolfgang Rhode, Reinhard Schlickeiser & Julia Tjus

Junior sientist event


Diese Winterschule findet im Physikzentrum Bad Honnef vom 12. bis 17.01.2014 statt. Veranstalter sind Wolfgang Rhode, Reinhard Schlickeiser & Julia Tjus. Diese Doktorandenschule besteht aus Blockvorlesungen und begleitenden Übungen, welche zur Weiterbildung in entsprechenden Schwerpunktsgebieten gedacht ist.
Es wird Vorlesungen mit den Schwerpunktsbereichen Detektion, Wechselwirkung und Transport kosmischer Strahlung geben. Sprecher in diesen Gebieten umfassen unter anderem: Giancarlo Brunetti, Brian Lacki, Francis Halzen, Katharina Morik, Günter Sigl, und Eli Waxman.



Junior scientist event


The 16th Workshop on the Exploration of Low Temperature Plasma Physics (WELTPP-16) will be held in November, 2013 at the old convent Rolduc in Kerkrade. This workshop is intended for active scientists working in the field of low temperature plasma physics.