16.10.2017 - International School on Low Temperature Plasma Physics: Basics and Applications

The traditional summer school on low temperature plasma physics will go on in Octobre next year. The summer school takes place in Physikzentrum in Bad Honnef and is from Octobre 6th, 2018 until Octobre 11th, 2018. After the school, the master class will be from Octobre 11th, 2018 until Octobre 13th, 2018.

Participants are welcomed to sign in for registration until June 15th, 2018. Due to limitation in the number of rooms at the Physikzentrum, the attendance is limited.

For more information, see Homepage Summer School

Registration is possible under Registration Summer School

08.10.2017 - 21st International School on Plasma Physics started

The 21st International School on Low Temperature Plasma Physics started in Bad Honnef. The School is attended by 65 students from 16 nations. 22 teachers from all over the world talk about basics and forefront plasma physics during the 5 days of the Plasma School.

The scientific Chairmen are Olivier Guiatella and Anne Bourdon from CNRS/LPP in France.

At Friday, 12th October the Master Class with the title New approaches for plasma/surface interaction studies will take place.







08.10.2017 - Prof. Dr. Yuri Litvinenko

Yuri Litvinenko

Since 2013, Prof. Dr. Yuri Litvinenko from the University of Waikoto, New Zealand, is a continuous guest in Bochum. This year, the VIP grant was successfully extended, so that Prof. Litvinenko will visit the group of PD Dr. Horst Fichtner for three months from 1st Decemeber 2017 until 28th February 2018.







Foto: Copyright University of Waikato

further details VIP: Yuri Litvinenko / Horst Fichtner

08.10.2017 - Prof. Ferreira at PD Dr. Horst Fichtner's group

In the frame of the bilateral German-South African BMBF-NRF foundation Prof. Dr. Stefan Ferreira from North-West-University, Campus Potchefstroom is going to visit the group of PD Dr. Horst Fichtner in Bochum between 19th and 25th November 2017. After 2016, it is the second visit of Prof. Ferreira in Germany within the fruitful collaboration.






09.05.2017 - Blog plasma for girls

A new blog, who should adress femal pupil interested in science is online from today on: Plasma for girls. Articles about studies, science, and gender can be found.

Ein neuer Blog, der SchülerInnen adressiert, ist nun online Plasma for girls. Es finden sich Artikel zum Thema Studium, Wissenschaft und Gender.