15.05.2017 - Radiohalos of spiral galaxies - the impact of CHANG-ES in Bochum

Between June 6th and 10 th, 2017 the meeting concerning Radiohalos of spiral galaxies - the impact of CHANG-ES takes place in Bochum. The research group of Prof. Dettmar is coordinating group. The meeting is distributed over four days, where scientists from the CHANG-ES group as well as guests will come together. 

The Galaxy survey “Continuum HAlos in Nearby Galaxies – an Evla Survey (CHANG-ES)“ was observed at the Expanded Very Large Array (EVLA radio telescope), New Mexico, USA. It contains a galaxy sample of significant size over a variety of angular spatial scales, which will help to address fundamental questions regarding radio halos and magnetic fields in spiral galaxies. The galaxies were observed at the two low frequencies, 1.5 GHz (20 cm wavelength) and 6 GHz (6 cm wavelength). CHANG-ES can also exploit the wide bandwidths that are provided by the EVLA. These wide bandwidths permit enormous improvements in continuum sensitivity. In addition, the wide bands provide a wealth of spectral information that will be unique to this survey. Moreover, CHANG-ES is the first survey of edge-on galaxies for which all polarization products will be obtained, providing important information on halo magnetic fields (Irwin et al. 2012).

Webpage of the CHANG-ES meeting

09.05.2017 - Blog plasma for girls

A new blog, who should adress femal pupil interested in science is online from today on: Plasma for girls. Articles about studies, science, and gender can be found.

Ein neuer Blog, der SchülerInnen adressiert, ist nun online Plasma for girls. Es finden sich Artikel zum Thema Studium, Wissenschaft und Gender.

21.03.2017 - International School on Low Temperature Plasma Physics: Basics and Applications

The traditional summer school on low temperature plasma physics will go on in Octobre this year. The summer school takes place in Physikzentrum in Bad Honnef and is from Octobre 7th, 2017 until Octobre 12th, 2017. After the school, the master class will be from Octobre 12th, 2017 until Octobre 14th, 2017.

Participants are welcomed to sign in for registration until June 16th, 2017. Due to limitation in the number of rooms at the Physikzentrum, the attendance is limited.

For more information, see Homepage Summer School

Registration is possible under Registration Summer School