Finnish university awards Anjana Devi an honorary doctorate

© Damian Gorczany

The chemist is a specialist for ultra-thin layers, some of which consist of only a single layer of atoms. The development and application of new chemical precursors, so-called precursors, for the production of ultra-thin layers, some of which consist of only one atomic layer, is the speciality of Prof. Dr. Anjana Devi, head of the Chemistry of Inorganic Materials group at the RUB. Such layers are used, for example, for the production of solar cells, sensors, displays or components for micro- and optoelectronics. For her work in this field, Anjana Devi was awarded an honorary doctorate by the Finnish Aalto University. The cooperation is related to framework of the SFB-TR 87.

The key technologies Devis Team works with are Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) and Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD). In both cases, the aim is to deposit very thin layers of a material, for example metals or semiconductor materials, on a substrate and to investigate the influence of newly developed precursors. "Anjana Devi has helped to bring the ALD and CVD communities together by organizing major international conferences and leading EU projects in this field," says the Aalto University's rationale. Since 2014, the Bochum team has had a close exchange with the Finnish university, including joint supervision of doctoral students.

adapted from RUB webpage, written by Meike Drießen